The Gardens

Doug Schneider majored in agriculture at Santa Rosa Junior College and UC Berkeley. He loves growing things! If there is a plant book published we probably have it around somewhere. People are fascinated by our weeping blue cedar trees in the East patio, they have been growing over ten years.

We bring home “souvenir plants” from our excursions so the butterfly bush “echium” is a reminder of the large blue conical flowering plants around Bodega Bay and Wrights Beach. The unusual protea┬áleukadrendron┬áplant near the hot tub is from a Mendocino/Albion coast trip. Of course not all things will grow here, but we have a huge cactus taken from a cutting in 1992 from grounds at Mission San Juan Bautista. The Jacaranda tree by the front stairway has never turned purple as they do in Santa Barbara, much to our dismay. But it is growing!

Karen loves to water the plants, despite Doug’s efforts to have everything on drip irrigation. We are continually creating new growing spots like the garden behind Emma’s room which Karen calls the pink garden. It is in one of the hottest spots in the yard and may become a cactus garden out of necessity. Feel free to water it if you stay for more than a few days!

We are chronicling the blooms by month as a reminder to us when certain plants come into bloom, when the ivy on the house turns red, when the mimosa tree blooms pink. We try to keep something blooming all year long.