Formal Dining

The formal dining room has antique mahogany Hepplewhite style table which comfortably seats 8. We have dining room chairs for ten, and bring in the table from the front room to seat a larger number of guests. There is a matching china hutch and chest of drawers.

We have three sets of dishes to serve 8 to 14: Franciscan Desert Rose, Mikasa French Countryside.  There are a large number of tablecloths and napkins in the chest of drawers, and an extra set of flatware in the top drawer.

The room is decorated with various farm implements from Karen’s family farm in Kansas.

Some of the ¬†photos are of Karen’s ancestors and Doug’s family, including Doug at the Orr berry farm in Sebastopol. The oval portrait is Doug’s mother Elaine Elizabeth Orr Schneider.